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Our Story so far...

DramaCo - The Children's Drama Company was created by Stacie Bates, a professional Actress and Drama Teacher who on returning from London felt there was a real need to provide a drama and artistic outlet for the children in the area she had grown up in.

DramaCo's main interest is to boost confidence through drama and performance. To teach children how to use their voice so they feel confident enough to put their hands up in class. To learn to use movement to keep fit as well as convey meaning. To improvise and devise and use their imagination so they never feel at a loss for words.

Stacie also wanted to ensure the children perform each and every term, something that seemed to be desperately missing from other drama schools. DramaCo particularly encourages students to create text themselves alongside classical texts such as Shakespeare which she feels when approached with a sense of fun, any age can act and perform and often more intuitively than adults. Being able to improvise and work with classic literature is obviously complementary to their education now and further down the line. All our teachers are professional performers with professional teaching experience. All teachers and staff have full DBS checks. 

Why choose LAMDA with Drama

Acting and performing builds confidence and makes you feel really good about yourself. In our classes the student will work in a team and also on their own. We will build on voice work, diction and vocal strength that will help in school presentations, future interviews and daily life. Classes will also keep the students fit as dance routines and warm ups are very movement based. Classes utilise imagination and creativity and help the student harness it into something productive. Students can end up with a love of not just acting, singing and dance but an empathy for characters, a love of literature, a comprehension of how to read meaning in text and an understanding of how the body moves and the voice works. The list is endless.

 We are a young, fresh Drama School that is placing the emphasis on treating all students as individuals.We believe in giving you the option to choose which classes suit your child and which classes will help them develop as individuals, as we believe that every child is unique. This is opposed to other drama schools that only offer a compulsory full package which may not suit your child or do not want to pay for.

 We will aim to build in a performance or audience invited class each term, as surely the point of drama is to have the opportunity to perform.

 It is a fun filled class and that's the entire point, to enjoy it. So if you child would rather not stand up and speak alone in class then there will never be any pressure to do so.
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